Sunday, July 22, 2007

Getting the Hell Out!

I finally left San Diego and came back to good old Utah....kind of...I was there for a day and now im in Seattle....Anyway, i took some pretty cool photos along the trip..
I saw this amazing site right off the bat...This is simply amazing and i wish more people would do random hilarious stuff like this.
I also wanted to pull over and take photos of things along this drive..this time i did.

Its pretty awesome how close SLC is to the Ocean..10hrs is not that bad.
I was thinking that i would be really cool to just take one of these roads and just go with it.
I found this huge mirrior driving down the road
At this point i was getting back to Zion I mean Utah...It started to wierder anbd wierder the closer i got to Provo. Its pretty amazing how much the church controls this state.

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