Monday, July 16, 2007

A little about snowboard movies!

Im pulling my hair out right now because our movie is done and we just got an email saying that we cant use one of the songs that one of our main parts i edited too...we have to have all the music liscenced...which means paying the record label a ton of money for each song when we could have just used it for free...its like giving them money for nothing...and were not trying to get Guns n Roses were trying to get small bands...this has happened 3 times now...all on parts that i have edited...FUCKKK...Im gonna go download like 10 albums illegally right now, burn them to CD's and sell them on the corner

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Templeton said...

The music industry is so damn greedy. Don't they understand that having a song featured in a snowboard video is like free advertising? bastards. Fuck giving those lazy bastards any of my money.