Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Ive been spending a bunch of time in Seattle this year, my girlfriend lives here. Anyway, Ive been bummed on this place cause i havent found any really good skateparks and since it rains every single day, even in the summer, skating outside is not an option..I must have been blind or stupid or something...I went to one of the best parks i have been too in a long time here yesterday..its called Skatebarn and for some reason in the summertime its free..and its 15 min from where Danielle lives
Its hard to focus on one thing when you have all this in front of you.
Here is a random photo of a garbage truck that i took the other day. The guy driving wasent to stoked i was taking photos of him.


b rendan said...

double sick! Gabe, you are like the Alonzo Mourning at Georgetown of Blogging right now!

Bloggy Fischer said...

that park looks insane!