Monday, October 27, 2008

There is a Forum premier?

On night 3 or 4 we found out that Forums new shred flick was premiering and some of our SLC friend are gonna be in town....that means, party. Before we went to the premier we got in a session at the most famous spot in Barcelona currently, MACBA.
Whenever in Europe around every corner is a cool old church. A little different looking that the SLC cinderella temple.
This is MACBA. You are allowed to skate here every night after 7. Its filled with perfect ledges, manny pads and super good ground. Many people, not skaters, hang out here and drink beers with there friends all night. Its such a cool environment. This is the main ledge. SO SO good. Better than 99% of spots in the US.
The Forum premier was on the water front. Beers were 5 euros each.
Pat and Stevie were here. They had just got done with a bus premier tour. We tried to get them to stay and skate with us. They couldnt. They sure missed out.People smoke weed in the club. Kind of wierd for American standards. This photo reminds me of a rap video.
The premier went off. So many kids. So much fun.
Drew and Fabia were sitting in the VIP room. Fabia bought 3 bottles of liquor at 150euro each. Damn!.
VIP room shot
I walked home alone. Kind of got lost. I did get this photo thought that i really like.

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