Monday, October 27, 2008

One of my favorite days.

Like i said before. This trip has been a dream ever since i can remember. Basically just getting to skate some of the best spots ever. Alot of spots. Matt's buddy Sergie (from Camp of Champs) was able to show us around all day. Sergie is from Badalona, Spain....a town a few miles from Barcelona. It turns out many of the spots that everyone calls Barcelona are actually in Badalona. We would have never gotten to skate these spots if it wasent for Siergie and his wife Eva. Thanks guys. We'll never forget it.
The day started with a sunrise.

Then i walked by a cool park. A side note; One thing i have noticed in Europe is how much older folks love to just sit down and watch the world go by. Its something you dont see in the States very often. I dont know why this is. Everytime i come back i notice this. Does that mean we need to stop and smell the roses more, maybe. There is something really cool about an old couple just sitting down on a bench and watching people for an hour or two.Something cooler though is the 1st spot we went too. Holy shit. I cant believe this place exists. the tops of the hips are metal too. they grind perfecto.Sergie put his fisheye on my cam and got artsy.
Next to the blue hips was this spot. It's at a shopping mall that hasent opened yet. Workers were setting up lights for the grand opening while we were there, so we couldnt skate it. There are perfect hips like this all the way around the building. Only in Barcelona i tell you. AMAZING.
After warming up at one of the best spots ever we got in the car and continued the tour.Sergie drove. He was the best skate tour guide a man could ever have.
We then swung by this spot. Its been in a couple vids. Malto and Rod Tex had some stuff on the bleachers on the left recently.....cont.

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