Friday, October 24, 2008

The story contines

Waking up, Barcelona...2nd day of fun...1st stop...this spot called Parallel...its a pretty famous spot, large square manual pads everywhere...Also, after the manny pads there are perfect double sided marble ledges, but of course.

Switch nose manny.
After the morning session, we went to this super cool outdoor cafe with an ample supply of old people to photograph.
We then got on the train, the plan was to meet up with some of Matts Spanish friends who were gonna take us to some other spots.
The main train station in Barcelona is called Sants...This was the most famous skate spot in Barcelona for years. I can remember first seeing footage from this spot in 1995. The spot has these marble benches all the way down it. It has changed alot since the 90's and is really beat down. The ledges are really rough and many of the stair features it used to have have been removed. None the less its fun to skate a famous spot like this and its still better than any street spot in Salt Lake. Drew got busy on a boardslide.Sants is in the shade which is awesome.
After getting nasty on some board slides,Drew went across the street and grabbed our friend San Miguel (40oz)...I did a bs tail.The sun beams through Barcelona

After Sants we went to this little park. This was a crazy hip spot seen in a few of the vids. Its one of the only spots in the city that has been made unskateable. Im sure someone will remove this things soon enough.


Templeton said...

If those skate stoppers where in Norfolk, we would skate them as flatbars.

wren photography said...

boo yeah bitches!