Saturday, October 18, 2008

Getting to Barcey

I just got a new camera. Photos from this trip are nuts...I cant wait to make 5 blogs about it. Drew and I and a bunch of our new Spanish friends partied till 7am last night so i dont really have the motivation today to do more than one. Ive decided I love the fact that the bars in the US close at 2.
The people mover, chicago
The alps are freakin insane.The weather in Munich is NOT insane

I finally got to see this sign. Its been along time comingThe camera i just got, (canon G10) has some really nice slow shutter features...more cool ones to come.


Shayboarder said...

Yay you made it to Spain! Hope the trip goes great!

JIMMIE said...

Such a sick Camera, a point & shoot that shoots in RAW!