Saturday, October 18, 2008

Best Trip Ever, Day 1

Here are a couple leftovers from the 1st night. This sqaure is pretty amazing. It has Hard Rock Cafe, McDonalds, Burger King and 3 Starbucks.

I was actually shooting out of the Starbucks window for this shot.
Okay, sooo after waking up from not sleeping, being jetlagged etc. We got on the road and started checking out things around the city. Sterbo knew of an "extreme" contest that was going down and he had to do a little work there so we went and checked it out. Luckily 5 amazing skatespots were at the place where the contest was. I decided to get a little "extreme" myself by ordering "something random" off of the menu....It was called Cuttlefish. I ate one bite and threw it under the table.

As we got closer to the contest we started seeing spots. The crazy thing about Barcelona is that any of there 250 spots would be the best spot in Salt Lake or most other American cities....everything here slides and grinds to perfection. It really is better than i even imagined.
Barcelona has the coolest architecture of anywhere i have been.
This spot was another one we stumbled on and was actually somewhere i wanted to check out before i came. Jack Curtain had a photo on one of the benches...the are metal. There is about 100 of them. Once again. Better than any spot in most American cities. No getting kicked out. Only skating so much your legs fall off.
This freakin crazy structure is actually a solar panel. A seriously good looking one. Its on water.

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Pierre Wikberg said...

Solar panel, they will be in a museum after you vote for Palin and McCain.

And if god has anything to do with it, no country will ever have to have Palin on their soil.
Oh that´s right, she doesn´t travel.
She´s been to busy trying to run for mayor of a place where she can see Russia from her window.

That fs rock was weak.