Thursday, October 30, 2008

I'm sore.

After the longest day of skateboarding in 5 years we were tired. We decided to get some food and we needed a day off. We ended up partying till 5am. Not the best way to rest. Anywayyyyy.

Outside the bar we went too there was a cool courtyard thing.
And a really cool church steeple
We walked through this alley and i didnt even notice the skull that is under this thing.
We ate Tapas, it means; tops.....The spanish would cover their beers with little plates(tops) so flies wouldn't enter their beer. On these plates so small portions of food. Things have changed a little, but that is the idea behind Tapas.

The next day we woke up and decided to be tourists. Clark W Sterbo was the tourguide for the day.This is the Sagrada Familia. Its a church designed by Gaudi that has been under construction for 200 years...They are finally planning on finishing it in 2020 or so. Its pretty surreal
While walking around the church hungover Drew spotted a San Miguel sign. We were thirsty so we decided to get one.

Clark W lead us to another feature designed by Gaudi. The guy was good at what he did.We then walked through the University of Barcelona campus. We wanted to check this skate spot out but too many people were sitting on it.

Walking down the street we spotted this lonley spot.
It started raining so we entered the cathedral. There was a wedding going on. It was such a cool place for a wedding.

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Makaio said...

Mr. L'HEUREUX, your photo skills are badass.