Sunday, October 26, 2008

After a long day of skating...

Beers were in order...we hung out in front of one of the spots for a bit and i got a chance to test this camera a little more. Slow shutter speeds are fun in the city environment.

We end up at this little cafe bar. Drew and I ask for "dos grande cerveza, por favor" this is what we got. These beers are 2 liters each. Of course we couldnt let them get warm so we were forced to chug...I actually drank the whole thing without peeing. WOW. Drew was not so lucky. He puked 3/4 of the way through and still manged to finish. Yumm.

Alot bigger than your normal beer

We then bombed some hills.
The next day i was awoken and ordered to the beach. Drew and I were hurting.
The architecture in Barcelona is insane.Lisa and Matt did really well at the beach. It was definatley time for another cervezaAfter the beach we walked back to the hotel to get ready to skate...

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