Wednesday, October 29, 2008

This should explain it.

The skate day continued. At this point we really saw how good the spots actually were there. Seriously, around every corner there is something amazing.
Barcelona is known for using banks in construction. They use them ALOT. A perfect hill to bomb, with perfect banks the whole way down. What?At the end of the long banks is a hip that is damn hard to skate. Sterbenz had no problemo.
Pre session photo.
Next we came to the spot i wanted to go to most of all...Its the worlds most perfect benches along the Mediterranean Coast. SO perfect. I want to get married to this spot. Skate, then lay on the beach with cerveza's....heaven.

After skating the worlds most perfect benches we came to Fondo. This is a pretty famous spot. The main hips have been skateproofed but the fountain is soooooo good. There is metal that runs along the top of the banks. You can skate it like a spine. My 2nd favorite spot of the trip.This spot would have been fun,.

We skated down to this thing Sergie wanted to show us.
He dropped in. We didnt.
Lastly, we went to the 1st skatepark in Barcelona. Not really a skatepark. We wanted to go there to skate the bump over the rail.We were surprised at how far it was. Meaning. You had to push you ass off to get speed. None of us were up to it after skated all day. Either that or it was just scary.

We skated down to street to fun some cervezas and Sergie did a rock to fakie on another obstacle obviously made for skating.

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