Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Ming, Ping, bOoozzeee

Oakley threw a party the the Fice boutique the other night for the launch of a limited edition frogskin. The glasses came out pretty fresh and are sure to give Ashbury a run for their money.My brother took these shots, they came out fresh
Heikki showed up clearly copying my steeze. Dammit, thats twice in one year

Stan, Chelsea, and Grete were making faces.

Everyone was in the posing mood, Justin, Liesl, and an unknown hottie.

Sterbo was on a mission to get faded. He had to leave Fice cause he claimed, "im not getting drunk fast enough". Looks like it was mission accomplished Sterb's.Pat and Will seemed a little tipsy as well
Ming was super stoked to see me. Fun night, thanks Liesl, Corey B, and Laura.

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JIMMIE said...

Thats TUlly FLynn caught in the Blur of the first photo!